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This group will accept anything from:

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:bulletgreen: Traditional artwork
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:bulletgreen: Literature
:bulletgreen: Collabs
:bulletgreen: OC sheets

:bulletyellow: Don´t forget to check the 'Mature Content" ...if it can be rated as 18 above it has to go into the "18+" folder

What will not be tolerated:
:bulletred: Bullying/Harrasing/Strong language/ Offense - find a proper group for that, we´re not here for this
:bulletred: Claiming a Cannon to be an OC (if with OC then don´t forget the correct folder - rather Canon than OC)
:bulletred: Remaking a Cannon so it look like OC - you have to make it on your own
:bulletred: Stealing another people´s OCs
:bulletred: No open sexual acts/visible genitalies/ no sexaul deviancy - Zoophils/pedophils/ .... and so on - (hints, kisses, hugs and covered are ok but don´t foget to check the mature content)

:bulletred: IMPORTANT: Be sure to submit your image into the correct folder or it will not be accepted.

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Rawub stood forwards, taking a hakuda pose, a smile on his face.
"Well then Tsuba-chan... You ready ?"
"Any time Ra-Ji!" Younger boy replied, stading casually as he rested himself on the Zanpakto he held infront of him. The taller man dashed towards him, his sword still sheated. He slashed at him, aiming for his right shoulder. In reaction, Tsubasa gripped his sword and contered, pushing the older man away and took a battle ready pose, his sword pointing towards him.
"That was nice for a Ji-san!"
"Not bad kid." Rawub nodded, surprised at how the small guy had actually pushed him away like nothing. "I guess we should take this the other way" He decided as she dashed with his shunpo behind the green haired man's back. As his personality suggested, the smaller man turned around relatively slowly, just managing to turn, tring to get a slash at him.
"Ahah! I see you like to have things wrapped up quickly!"
Rawub tried to overforce him and with an unexpected strike of his freehand he sent him flying to the wall. "Yeah, I don't like it when things go slow..." He smirked at the suprised boy "Aaaaaw, you cracked the wall."
After slamming agaisn't the wall and falling to the ground, Tsubasa chuckled "Heh" and stood up, wipping the drip of blood from his lip and ran towards him, calling for his Shikai. "Roar Abbas!"  And finally deciding his opponent was worth it, he shunpoed behind his opponent and back to the other side and took a slash at him by surprise.
Not expecting so much speed, Rawub threw himself to the ground. "Ugh." Only to roll over and face Tsubasa's Shikai, "Not a bad one, Chibi..."
ok here´s only a short preview if you´re interested read it all in the Gallery/ Story/ Rawub vs Tsubasa
Hope you like it...
Aoi made an awesome job fighting like hell
Rules are:

:bulletgreen: Tactics
:bulletgreen: No Ban-Kai
:bulletgreen: Show us your strenght
:bulletgreen: Show us your weakness (show it to us not the opponents)
:bulletgreen: Get the madailon and you win
:bulletgreen: No Gore
:bulletgreen: You DON´T use your Hollow - it´s shinigami vs shinigami fight

We prepared some basis to your next continuing.

YOUR TASK (as creators of your OCs) after getting here on a list of matches IS TO:
:bulletred: make contact with your oponent
:bulletred: the whole fight shall be attached here via group note/ or via RP sheet into gallery - the folder "OC sheets" and then it shall be attached by founder/co founders/ contributors to this story....



Hollow Riders are separate unit of Shinigami (residents of Soul Society) from different squads and seats who got permission to ride specially modified Hollows (they don´t have holes) under the command of Nyx and Hyperion Nowa (1st and 2nd seat). They make journeys into Hueco Mundo to maintain balance, fight other Hollows and do missions.

Each OC has a bond with their Hollow and each Hollow has some abilities so build up the strength of their owner. (Example : Nyx is weak in flashstep - Angelika is fast one) but on the contrary they don´t need to get on well (Example: Avalon hates Hype´s static electricity) So it´s really up to your imagination.

Try to be as creative as possible and don´t hesitate to experiment with different species...

They can be bird based, cat based, dog based, dragon based, they can be water lovers, they can fly, they can spit fire they can do anything YOU want them to do....It´s your hollow in the first place ...
The same goes to abilities: IT´S UP TO YOU...
:bulletgreen: if your OC is electricity based and hollow is water based (Fish, Duck, Eel) it´s your advantage...
:bulletgreen: if the OC is Fire based and the hollow is water based it´s your disadvantage

YOU DEVELOP THE HOLLOW THE WAY THAT FITS YOUR OC THE BEST - they are the mod hollows after all :)

If you don´t know what to do read my OC sheets of Nyx and Hype and you can read about Angelica and Avalon (hollows) in it though they don´t have separate sheet yet

They have some abilities, weaknesses, some superpowers and so on....

So if you want to join the real Group - The Squad, you need to:

:bulletgreen: Design your OC (if you don´t have one) - It has to be a Shinigami or a resident of Soul Society

:bulletgreen: Design your Hollow (no copies from Bleach series - you can inspire but it must be yours) - Don't forget that Mod Hollows Do Not have holes in them

              :bulletgreen:  You need one Hollow for your rider to ride
              :bulletgreen:  If you feel like having a small little one buddy on the top of that  you can but don´t overdo it :)

:bulletgreen: You can make as much pairs as you want BUT the seated will be only one...which will be chosen by you and US (Founder, Co founders, Contributors)

:bulletgreen: Describe the bond between the rider and the "horse" - optional but welcomed

:bulletgreen: Describe some weaknesses and abilities - optional but welcomed

The first 2 slots are taken: - they´re twins

1. Captain - Nyx Nowa Nyx Nowa - original character by NyRiam
2. Lieutenant - Hyperion Nowa Hyperion Nowa - Original character by NyRiam
3. Rawub - middle one
4. Zacharides (Zeke) Pavliczenko - left side from watcher´s POV - Hollow riders at their best by NyRiam
5. Jinsen (Jinx) Veritas - right side from watcher´s POV

So there will be slots 6 and more for each Hollow rider and his hollow who met the expectations above...

Also we in group shall decide whether you slacked the pic off and it was made in 2 minutes or if you really poured your soul into it (also meaning it can be a commissioned piece but you had to design it on your own)
Members will be added here.

So the next members are:
6. :icondragonofthesand: with their OCs Azrael and Acheron Death's Shadow by dragonofthesand
7. :iconblackwind211: with their OCs Inazuma and Kaze Inazuma and Kaze by Blackwind211
8. :iconkross1794: with their OCs Kage and Dog OC profile: Kage
Name: Kage
Age:  Appears to be in his early to mid-20's
Sex: Male
Race: Shinigami
Rank: Former captain of squad 5 He has lost his memory some time ago for reasons he was never fully told about. He only knows that they said it was an accident, after that he has had to go to the captain of squad 12 for "checkups". To him it seemed more like experimentation. After some time of this he could hear a light voice in the back of his head. He doesn't know what it is but it isn't his zanpakuto. He then left the soul society for reasons of his own. Many believe he was just tired of being "experimented on". This has branded him an exiled shinigami, which is until he was approached by squad Omega. Tired of running he decided to join them, and they allowed it. (After all wouldn't you accept someone into your squad if they had captain level spiritual pressure?) He is now 16th seat of their squad.
Appearance:  Kage appears to be a person that just doesn't care. His hair is sloppy a

9. :icontygerlander:  with their OCs Pandora Takano and Mocchi Bleach OC: Pandora Takano and Mocchi by Tygerlander
10. :iconrinriko: with their OCs Washi Tsubasa and Wing :thumb302866963:
11. :iconmerc-wit-da-mouth: with their OCs Andrew Vargais and Gankona Hueco Mundo Corrida by NyRiam
12. :iconsabawoyomu: with their OCs Mokuban Hara and Kakudo  Mokuban Hara and Kakudo by Sabawoyomu
13. :iconlanokirx: with their OCs Bob and Bowser Hollow Rider - Bob and Bowser by LanokirX
14. :iconchikararyoku: with their OCs Atlas Akuma and Onkyō Hollow Rider Atlas by ChikaraRyoku
15. :iconhappytiger139: with their OCs Aoisora Jeagerjaques and Tsukihanshu Tsukihanshu and Aoi by happytiger139
16. :iconenvytheheart: with their OCs Riona Haze and Tenko Hollow Rider OC Riona by EnvytheHeart

We shall continue with another numbers as soon as we have enough pics....if you´d like to join your OC into the group leave a comment in the bottom of the main page.

Also some OC don´t have time to participate fully so there will be extra slots for

These are:
We shall continue with another numbers as soon as we have enough pics....if you´d like to join your OC into the group leave a comment in the bottom of the main page.

Hope you will join soon ... Love you

PS there is one more folder in a gallery for fanart of my characters if you like them :) you don´t need to but if you have an urge to draw for example Nyx with your OC you´re welcomed to add it in the folder :)
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You can use the concept of the hollow riders with the standard credits at the bottom. By default you should be able to use Nyx and Hyperion as they are the co-leaders and you can go ahead and use my rider, Pandora, if you like. :)
Kross1794 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
Alright and the standard credits will be there, thank you. Also thank you for for allowing me to use your rider as well. =)
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